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About Us

LaunchedAugust 2011, ScoutingPennsylvania isa freerecruiting website for high school football players in the Keystone State. ScoutingPennsylvania is designed to be a central location for high school football athletes to post their highlight videos, player info, awards, scholarship announcements, and pictures.

Free to athletes, ScoutingPennsylvaniaconnectsathletes to subscribed college coachesacross the country.

ScoutingPennsylvania.com is also services coaches from all major Division 1 teams with the best prospect information available.Our goal is to provide in-depth access to the best prospects in thePennsylvania 24/7. College coaches are able to easily search for players byevaluation grade, GPA, SAT, ACT, height, weight, position, 40 time, etc...

ScoutingPennsylvania is part of arecruiting network along with ScoutingOhio andScoutingCarolina.ScoutingPennsylvnia is searching for the top prospects in PA.Mail or upload your highlight video to yourplayerprofile.